Astrological Readings

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Who I am

I am a self-taught adept of the oracular art of astrology with over 10 years of experience. Since 2019 I have offered consultations for people going through all kinds of situations and life phases.

In the last three years, I have been steadily expanding my toolset and spent countless days relentlessly testing the traditional methods of the astrologers of antiquity. I have since adopted the framework of Hellenistic astrology, a coherent system of multi-cultural origins that is grounded in ancient philosophy and was conceived in Egypt around 100 BC.

Combined with my background in empirical psychology and art, I have developed a unique way of practicing the craft, always maintaining an open and critical mind.

To know more about my mundane existence, visit my website.

Systems within systems

Astrology is the ancient science of self-organizing systems.*

By looking at the exact moment of your birth as a timestamp of the cosmic source code, I can provide insights into your unique behavioral patterns, relationship dynamics, and intra-psychic conflicts, to shed light on how you can grow and be more creative as a human being. I will also look at the bigger context surrounding you, the collective and fated circumstances of your life, and the opportunities and challenges ahead.

My aim is to help people see their life's story in a clear-headed and compassionate way.

Gift Card, as high quality Riso print (german) or pdf (german/english) included in all readings 60 Min and longer

What I offer

In my practice, I combine the ancient symbolic language with a modern approach, including insights from contemporary psychology, systems thinking, and a level-headed attitude to spirituality. Readings can include:

  • Natal Chart Analysis (Exploring possibilities of self-growth in the context of cosmic influences)
  • Solar Return (Astrological birthday reading with year-ahead forecast)
  • Transits & Progressions (Identifying & clarifying current and recurring patterns in your life)
  • Astrology of Ancestry (Finding and understanding patterns in your family history, at least 90-min session)
  • Creative Astrology (Make patterns emerge, utilizing the celestial symbols to inspire and plan creative projects)

Due to EU law, all online products automatically incur a VAT (+19% in Germany)

Audio recordings of the sessions can be provided.

As a counselor, your privacy and well-being are my utmost priority. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns before a consultation. In-person sessions take place in my living room in Munich, Germany.

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In-person sessions are available in New York City from Dec 21, 2023, to Jan 14, 2024.

*To learn more about what astrology is I highly recommend the book The Nature of Astrology by geoscience professor and life-long astrologer Bruce Scofield. Interview on the astrology podcast

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Astrological Readings

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